Well, the leaves have all dropped off the trees, but I think that we got some good pictures. I've posted them from middle of September until last Friday the 13th.

Sep 21st, You can see the trees starting to change

Sep 25th, more color starting to show





Sep 27th, a lot more color now



Sep 29th, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon doesn't have any color yet



Sep 29th, Denton Hill heading towards Coudersport has the best colors yet that we've seen



Oct 5th, getting a lot more color in the trees now


Oct 6th, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon showing some color



Oct 6th, the parking lot at the top of the Grand Canyon, looking pretty

Oct 6th, Watkins Glen in New York, not much color, but pretty pictures



Oct 6th, found some color at Watkins Glen

Oct 6th, thought this reflection of a tree in a mud puddle was cute

Oct 6th, Golf Course near Wellsboro Pennsylvania

Oct 8th, on the way to work, took a picture


Oct 12th, a picture of the sun going down through the trees

Oct 12, more fall pictures

Oct 12, some of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in a long time





So, it's the end of fall, and we actually got frost on the windows today, so I have to find my scraper soon I guess.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures, Dave