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Mom (Pili) and Dad (Walter)

My Parents and Me


My Aunt Isabel and Me

My 3 nephews:
Bryan, Alexander and

Bryan Alexander Nicholas

My 3 nieces:
Kathleen, Jennifer
and Rebecca

Kathleen Jennifer Rebecca


Fall in Pennsylvania 2006

Sunsets in 2007

Fall in Pennsylvania 2007


More pictures of my family and other locations that I've been to:





(The above links will have the latest pictures that I've taken and is updated very often)

Pictures of me (don't get scared)


Well, if you have gotten this far, and would like to see some of the crafts that my sister Sandy makes, please go to the following web site:


My Old Cat (Sassy)

Mt Etna, Sicily Italy


Round Barn that burned down in 2002,was west of Ulysses, Pennsylvania


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