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Hi, I'm Dave. I am back living in Westfield Pennsylvania after being gone for 17 years. I believe that this is one the more beautiful areas of the world to live in. I've been in a lot of places, and I still love the scenery and the amount of things that you can do around here. The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful areas as seen in this picture



A brief biography of my life:

I grew up in Westfield Pennsylvania.


I lived here from 1970 until 1982. Before that my family was in the military. (Air Force)

I was born in Zaragoza Spain.

I went into the Air Force in the fall of 1982. I first went to military training in Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

After that, I went to Lowry Air Force Base in Denver Colorado for further training.

I left Denver in the spring of 1983 and headed to Spokane Washington and was stationed in Fairchild Air Force Base.


After being in Spokane until 1989 I went to Comiso Air Base in Italy for 1 year.

After being in Italy, I was stationed in Bentwaters Air Base in England for 2 years.

In 1992 I came back to the states and was stationed in Albuquerque New Mexico at Kirtland Air Force Base.

I was in the military until 1997 and then got out. I lived in Espanola, New Mexico until 1999 when I moved back to Westfield.


I was working at Adelphia and then Time Warner from 1999 until Feb 5th of 2007. Time Warner closed the call center and laid off 500 people. The State of Pennsylvania will be paying for education costs, at least part of the costs. So, I am planning on going to College at Mansfield University in the Fall of 2007.


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My Kitten

Pictures of my house, along with the interior

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